Meet Mat & Lindsay Schwinn

Mathew and Lindsay Schwinn started Delameter Valley Farms in 2010 with a primary focus on growing a wide variety of pumpkins and squash for fall harvest.  In 2014 they decided to try their thumb at growing Dahlias for their own wedding.  It was a success and their passion, along with their garden, grew.  Since then, their beautiful Dahlias have been a part of numerous weddings and events.  Early 2017 the crazy couple decided again to expand their garden growing several varieties of​


stunning cut flowers.  The couple's primary goal is to provide local beautiful,  flowers without the use of harsh chemicals and contribute to American grown flowers. The family farm has more than 80 varieties of specialty cut flowers and are most noted for their: phlox, stock, zinnia, dahlias, lisianthus, basil, and sweet peas.

In their spare time Lindsay (Dr. Lindsay) has a private naturopathic practice in Castle Rock, WA where in order to be a patient you must sit through farm and flower talk. Mat works as a longshoreman at the Port of Longview and is a John Deere expert. It is rumored that he bleeds green and yellow.  Besides their pumpkin and flower babies they are the proud parents of 1 dog (Zoe), 4 cats (Delila, Moose-Moose, Baby, & Earl Grey Spot) and 1 turtle Florida.

​We think it's Important 
  • DVF's  focus is producing beautiful flowers. It is important that our product is safe for our team, customers, and our environment. 

  • Customers are made up of our family, friends, neighbors, and community. It is important that DVF provides a quality product.  The flowers did not travel across the globe to get to customers which is reflected in the superior condition of the cuts. 

  • Mat and Lindsay are proud to be involved in all of the operations of their small farm.  From seed selection, planting, building/inventing structures, Mat and Lindsay have their hands (and thumbs) in it all. Their farm equipment is made up of antique John Deere tractors that through the years have been completely refurbished and maintained by Mat. They have 6 yellow and green machines. 

  • We have many people to be thankful for.  A good portion of the Castle Rock farmland has generously been provided in part by Uncle Dean and Aunt Sherri Schwinn​ and has been in the Schwinn family since 1952.  Mat and Lindsay are also grateful for their parents, Paul and Jackie Schwinn's land contribution along with feeding the  couple during the busy land prep, planting and harvest seasons. We need to give thanks to Francis and Myrna Franklin for land contribution and shop space.  So thankful for you all!

Find Your Flower Connection 


Flowers are seasonal.  Harvested varieties change with the season.  Click below to view this season's "Flower Forecast". Stay tuned, our list is always growing!